Zombie Fortification Cabin (ZFC-1)

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Get yours before they get you!

Exclusive - The world's first and only certified* Zombie Proof Log Cabin. The zombie apocalypse is coming..

  • Upper deck with 360deg vantage point + escape hatch
  • Re-enforced slit windows, walls and doors
  • Barbed wire surround
  • Arsenal storage unit for weaponry
  • Garden Section to grow vegetables
  • Toilet System
  • Kitchen Area with Microwave
  • Living area with TV, Xbox and Sound system Turntables
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Neegan  starstarstarstarstar

Oh, my goodness! Look at this! I used to roam around outside with all the walkers which was not cool, not cool at all but since I've taken over this sweet little fortification, it's happy days! Now I can just sit back and play eeny meeny miny moe with Lucille all day long and let me tell you, that never gets boring! Got to go, Lucille is thirsty, after all, she's a vampire bat )


Gavin Buchanan  starstarstarstarstar

I have a question, is this primarily for 'Walking Dead' type zombies, or '28 Days Later' type zombies? As the two are very different and obviously want the correct level of protection.


Tank Dempsey  starstarstarstarstar

Just had this installed but they keep getting in, Not very happy i was hoping to wait the rounds out in here.


Joyce  starstarstarstarstar

Love it. Want one.


darren  starstarstarstarstar

ordered our cabin today. cant be to careful with the world being over populated the government can easily get rid of afew million people but developing a zombie virus.


deborah  starstarstarstarstar

I just want to know if this is for real! or is it just a joke about the zombie cabin... just it was funny to watch it then read the comments :)


Charlie  starstarstarstarstar

The secure garden is so secure that there is no way to get into it. Seriously no door?


scott  starstarstarstarstar

first class building the top landing makes it easy to pick of the walking dead while sipping my morning coffee.


The last man alive  starstarstarstarstar

As I now have a lot of time on my hands since the zombie plague moved into downtown Luton, set up camp outside my perimeter fence, and turned all my friends and family into flesh eating monsters, I thought I would finally leave a review of this superb product. I don't usually leave reviews because who has the time these days really? Between decapitating the semi dead, scavenging the filthy ruins of our once great land, and dreaming up new and inventive suicide methods to end the despair there is rarely a moment spare! I currently sit here laughing at the failed attempts of a blood stained ex- green grocer turned crazed maniac, trying to scale my perimeter fence to get at my cucumbers that are flourishing in my secure garden. I can only congratulate the designer on how wonderful the defences are and should anyone be alive to read this review, kindly invite them to come around for a salad sandwich. If the designer happened to be female then we could always pass the time during your visit restarting humanity perhaps? Either that or I have spent the last 4 months making a surprisingly impressive Jenga set out of the thigh bones of the healthiest residents of camp zomb. The X box was fine for a while but the quality of new game releases has gone downhill considerably since the developers got 'turned', its gone all '' hey lets eat some earlobes'', I mean as if I cant do that in real life!


Rick Grimes  starstarstarstarstar

My friends and I are wishing we had bought these earlier, what a great find. My son Carl and Glenn really are enjoying the Xbox, and Glenn just loves the riot suit, he wears it wherever he goes. Michonne and Tyreese absolutely love the gym area, theyre both really keeping fit. One down side is that Hershel often complains loudly that the garden area is too small, hes used to a much larger area for growing his vegetables, Im worried that hell lose his head someday over this.


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The ongoing threat of an imminent zombie apocalypse has inspired Tiger Log Cabins to create the world’s first zombie proof log cabin. Even for the sceptics who still walk amongst us we urge absolute caution and can only advise that ‘just in case’ for the maximum protection possible this really could be a lifesaving purchase. The Zombie Fortification Cabin (ZFC-1) has considered all forms of possible zombie attacks. Not only is the building strong and secure enough to stop any zombie from getting inside, but even zombie invaders were to breach the boundaries of your land, the design is intelligent enough to give you fantastic and safe vantage points to use any artillery you have whether it’s light or dark outside.

The ZFC-1 comprises of three sections, all of which are independent from each other with two lockable doors securing each building. This means for a zombie to breach the main large section they would have to somehow breach three very securely locked doors – which even your most advance lock picker would struggle to compromise. One of the smaller buildings is a garage with secure roller shutter doors – still large enough to secure a military vehicle or getaway car. The other building comes with a built in storage unit for food to help you last the duration of the apocalypse. There is also a great place to store any other weapons you require to keep the undead at bay. The third larger building at the back has two floors (containing a bedroom, a kitchen, a living room and even a gym) as well as an upper deck to give you a 360 degree vantage point with smart slots in the decking wall to allow you to shoot at intruders in the surrounding area. In the middle of the three buildings protected by walls around the outside and a mesh roof is a small garden to allow you some outdoor time and to plant and grow vegetables.

The ZFC-1 is comprised of 44mm extra thick secure high quality timber and protected slit windows with toughened double glazing. You can be assured the ZFC-1 will arrive to you in supreme quality ready to treat and construct at your leisure and enjoyment. Also equipped is Heavy Duty mineral felt - meaning all you need is a prepared level base and your preferred preservative.


This cabin is built with only the highest quality materials and no other zombie proof building can compare!

> The ZFC-1 features high-grade 44mm interlocking planned and finished logs;

> The ZFC-1 features a specially designed 4-way chamfered notch-joint system ensuring a tight fit to all boards with little room for damp, wind or zombie penetration;

> The ZFC-1 features square cut logs at the end to make it very difficult for zombies to climb onto the roof;

> The ZFC-1 features factory fitted pressure treated weatherproof heavy duty floor joists;

> The ZFC-1 features heavy duty green mineral roofing felt;

> The ZFC-1 features extra secure doors and windows;

> The ZFC-1 features high quality glazing which is factory siliconed and internally beaded to all doors and windows.

> The ZFC-1 comes with a 10 YEAR ANTI ZOMBIE GUARANTEE*.



The planning for this zombie proof log cabin was methodical and thorough with all scenarios and eventualities considered. It was vital that the log cabin would not only be structurally sound and secure but also the ideal solution to keep zombies at bay. Some of the design blue prints can be seen in the image below.

Included in the price:

Log Cabin shell (inc doors, windows, stairs)
Barbed wire on roof
3x Bunk Beds
2x Chest of drawers
Weight machines
Sofa and cushions
Coffee table
Soundsystem turntables
Plasma TV
Toilet, sink
Kitchen units with microwave

Not included:
All weapons / arsenal


Please note - this building may not conform to planning / building regulations in your area and therefore would require prior planning permission before purchase and installation can commence. Please consult your local planning office before purchasing or feel free to contact us if you require further information.


It is essential that Tiger log cabins are assembled strictly in accordance with the instructions supplied on a firm and level base constructed from a suitably durable material. Tiger log cabins should also be treated as soon as is practical after assembly and then annually thereafter with an appropriate high quality preservative. For more information on how to correctly assemble and maintain your garden building please consult our comprehensive help centre. All images and photography used is purely for illustrative purposes only – actual product colours may vary slightly due to the digital photography process and variations in individual user monitor settings. Please note - we require medical evidence of the presence of a real zombie should you wish to claim under the 10 year anti zombie guarantee.

Technical Info

Sizes are approximate only and refer to external dimensions excluding roof overhangs. For specific dimensions please consult our technical department.

44'x30' No. of
Length 8950mm Width 13150mm
Base Size 0mm x 0mm Internal Size 0mm x 0mm
External Ridge 0mm External Eaves 0mm
Internal Ridge 5555mm Internal Eaves 5555mm
Ext. Size exc. Roof 0mm x 0mm Ext. Size inc. Roof 0mm x 0mm


Cladding Material Heavy Duty Interlocking T&G Logs
Cladding Thickness 44mm
Framing Style Tanalised Bearers Only
Framing Size 58mm x 44mm
Roof Material Tongue & Groove Board
Roof Thickness 19mm
Floor Material Tongue & Groove Board
Floor Thickness 19mm
Door Style Roller shutter doors
Door Size 2130mm x 1980mm
Window Style Secure Slit Windows
Window Size 1045mm x 645mm
Glazing Thickness 4mm
Glazing Material Toughened Double Glazing
Roof Covering Tanking Membrane
Treatment Untreated
Locking System High Security Locking System

Add Extras

Zombie Cabin Installation

Zombie Cabin Installation

Zombie Cabin Installation

If DIY is not your strong point then fear not because our professional home installation service will do it all for you! The pro-install team will contact you soon after the delivery of your garden building to arrange a suitable time and date for the fitting. A Firm and Level base must be in place and accessible before installation can take place - failure to provide this may incur additional costs. Pro-Installation does not include the fitting of any extra items such as locks or handles, and windows will be tacked into place only. Please view our Installation Page for full Terms and Conditions, which can be found here. As standard cabin installation does not cover the installation of roof shingles. If you purchase a cabin with shingles and would like the shingles to be installed in addition to the building itself you must also add on the 'shingle installation' option at additional cost.


Big Bear Water Cannon

Big Bear Water Cannon

Big Bear Water Cannon

The Big Bear is the ultimate solution in armored water cannon riot control. Armored up to level B6, multiple tank configuration and several chassis options are available.


Search Lights

Search Lights

Search Lights

Floodlights are broad-beamed, high-intensity artificial lights. They are often used to illuminate outdoor playing fields while an outdoor sports event is being held during low-light conditions.


Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Using CCTV allows you to keep one eye on the outside whilst being perfectly safe on the inside!




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