Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our frequently asked questions to find the answers to your questions:


  • How are the products delivered?
  • What timber is used in the construction of the buildings?
  • What cladding is available in your garden shed range?
  • What framing is used on your garden shed range?
  • What are the roof and floors of your garden sheds constructed from?
  • What board thicknesses are available in your range of Log Cabins?
  • Are all your garden buildings treated?
  • Do you use FSC timber?


  • Where do you deliver?
  • Is delivery free throughout the United Kingdom?
  • Is there anything I must do when I take a delivery of a garden building?
  • How are the products delivered?
  • How do I find out when the delivery will take place?
  • Can I request an exact date for my building to be delivered?
  • Can I request an exact time for my building to be delivered?
  • If I cannot accept a delivery on a specific date, can I defer it?
  • Do I need to be at the delivery location at the time of delivery?
  • How large will the truck be the building is being delivered on?
  • Do you deliver on weekends?
  • Can the building be delivered to a different name or address?

Payment and Making Orders

  • How can I pay for your products?
  • What if a product is out of stock?
  • How do I know the order has been received and confirmed?
  • Can I track an order?
  • Do you have any guarantees with your products?
  • When will my order be processed?
  • Will VAT be added on to the prices shown when making a purchase?
  • Are there any additional charges for a credit card payment?
  • Will I require planning permission for my garden building?


  • How do I know it is safe to order from your website?
  • What information will be stored/saved?

After the Product has Arrived

  • What are your policies regarding making a return?
  • Can I return the building if it has been painted?
  • If my product has a broken or missing part, what should I do?
  • I need to build a base for my product, how can I do this?
  • What should I do if Im having a problem with the assembly of my garden building?
  • What equipment do I require in order to assemble my garden building?
  • How long does it take to assemble my building?

General Installation

  • How do I install the windows?
  • How do I seal the windows?
  • Why is my door dropping/sticking?
  • Where are the pre-drilled holes?
  • Is my base level enough?
  • Where are the keys?
  • When do I need to treat my building?
  • What tools will I need?
  • How long will my building take to assemble?
  • How many nails should I use?
  • Do I need beading for the windows?

Apex Trouble Shooting

  • Should I have a roof truss?
  • Why don't my roof panels line up?
  • Why don't my roof panels meet at the top?

Pent Trouble Shooting

  • Why is there a board on top of the roof panel?
  • Why is there a gap under my roof?
  • Why are there only three bargeboards?